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A space to create in

I'm pretty fortunate to have a good sized space to create in.

Which means I need to fill it, right?

The coverstitch is new. As in, less than a year new. The serger (the one with all gray threads, because I am lazy and do not like changing thread) is older. Much older, but it took me many months to work up the courage to take it out of the box and set it up. And then I loved it so much, the coverstitch came to me mere months later.

And yes, I do have tweezers and snips at both machines, because, again, lazy.

This one is my workhorse, and the machine that's been with me for over ten years now (and it was at least ten years old when it was passed down to me). I love this machine and will probably never be able to buy another one. Mostly because I expect this one to last forever.

I wish I could say these were all my sewing machines, but not pictured are three other vintage machines. Mostly because I haven't found a good place to put them yet, and they need some maintenance. But they are gorgeous, so there will likely be pictures someday (and maybe a post about maintenance).

And then there's my cutting station.

What, it's weird to have a skein of yarn at a cutting station? Doesn't everybody have one?

I have a Brother Scan 'n' Cut. There was definitely a bit of a learning curve, but I love it, and I'm pretty sure most of the learning was just adjusting to a new type of crafting. I have never had any kind of cutting machine prior to this, so I can't compare it to a Cricut or Silhouette, but once I figured out how to actually cut the vinyl I had, it was amazing. Also pictured, most of my vinyl stash. Okay, some of my vinyl stash.

And, no. I haven't taken pictures of my fabric stash yet (there's...a lot more fabric). Too much for one post. Maybe I'll work my way up to showing you how I organize my fabric first...


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