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a space to create in (part 2)

Looking at crafting spaces is fun. They're usually so pretty, so soothing, and inspiring.

Until I remember I would rather, you know, craft than organize my space. Then I just feel bad about how my crafting space is not pretty or inspiring, or even, you know, organized.

It is soothing though. Because I get to play with my crafts in there. Not because of the decorations.

But, regardless or how my space is not pretty or inspiring, I thought I would share it anyway. It is big, but it's not super organized or even particularly tidy, so if your space is also not organized or tidy, then hooray! Unorganized crafters unite!

If it is organized or tidy, I am accepting to tips for how to do so in a minimal amount of time.

Anyway. Remember how I said my fabric storage is not placed prettily on shelves organized by color?

Well, it's on shelves.

There is a bit of strategy to it. Or there was, when I first started putting on the shelves. But then I bought more fabric and my strategy was...adjusted.

But I still have knits on the left and wovens on the right. I even still have quilting cotton on top, flannel on the bottom, and "other" wovens in the middle.

The knit side is a little more...fluid, in terms of organization.

Also, yes, I have a bit of stuffing with copious amounts of duct tape attractively placed on one corner. Because that corner is right by a sewing desk, right where a person could easily whack their head if they aren't careful.

Ask me how I know.

I also have lots of fabric stored in random tubs like this, all crammed under my cutting table. Maybe not the most beautiful, but efficient, because I know exactly what fabric is where.

Also, I have tubs for traced pattern pieces. That is less efficient, because I have to dig through those to find the pattern I want. Or, equally like, forget I already traced that pattern and not realize it until I'm wondering why I have three traced copies of the same pattern.

A large portion of my fabric is also stored in drawers. I didn't take a picture of that, because it just looks like a dresser. That started out organized. The top drawer is holiday fabric, the drawer below is kid fabric, and then it gets progressively less organized until the very bottom drawer is a bundle of scraps.

Well, that seems like enough of a crafting space post for today! If you have any thoughts about organizing fabric, be sure to drop them in the comments!


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