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Creating from Mistakes

I have a degree in education. So I'm a big believer in learning. And I think the most powerful thing I've ever seen in a classroom were big bold words across the back wall:

Risk Takers and Mistake Makers Welcome Here

I loved that then, and I love that now. You can't learn if you don't take a few risks. When you're learning, you will make mistakes. And putting that in a classroom, reminding kids that perfection is not expected on the first try is so powerful.

I think this is particularly true when it comes to creating and crafting. If you can't take a few risks with your crafts, if you're not willing to make a few mistakes, growth will never happen. Besides, we all know mistakes happen, that's why we have seam rippers, right?

I hope my little corner of the internet will be a place where you can take some risks and make mistakes too. Thanks for joining me.


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