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My daughter's sixth birthday was this past weekend. It was pretty quiet birthday, especially for a girl who is exceptionally social, but we're still trying hard to mostly keep any germs we may or may not have to ourselves. It would be nice if the kids could go back to school. Someday.

Anyway, since she didn't have a big friend party, I decided to make her a friend.

It looks ginormous. It's really not.

It doesn't look quite so big next to the pencil and glue stick, does it?

Okay, it still looks big. It just looks like it's next to giant glue stick and pencil (I promise they are both normal sized).

I didn't use a pattern for it. I had a couple of Shannon Fabric Cuddle charm squares and some left over Cuddle binding. I traced out a head on the charm squares, cut the tentacles and horn from the binding, and free-hand drew some eyelashes on fusible web.

The eyes looked a lot smaller before I sewed everything together.

And my shirt looked a LOT less yellow before I cut everything out.

Then I sewed the tentacles into tubes (with one closed side), sewed the two horn pieces together (it ended up less horn-like than I maybe it's a jellyfish with a party hat?), basted everything to the head, and sewed the two heads together. One gap for turning (which the legs had to stick through, because they did not fit in the head), turned it right side, and ta da!

One super cuddly and totally reasonably sized jelly-corn friend.


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