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Kids' Summer Camp Summit

It's time for another summit! And summer camp! So, of course that means, it's time for a summer camp summit!

I will be teaching a class on how to make these fabric coasters.

The summit is designed to be for kids (or kids at heart) ages 5-12, and these coasters are perfect for those ages. There is no sewing involved, although there is cutting, so you may need to supervise younger kids with sharp fabric scissors.

It's also perfect for using up scraps, as the coasters require a bunch of strips that are approximately 10 inches x 1 inch. I used knit fabric, and I highly recommend knit fabric. You could probably use woven if that's all you have, but it will be harder to weave the fabric pieces together, and the woven will fray on the tassels.

As always, the summit is FREE to register, with each class being free for 24 hours after it releases. If you want to stretch the summer camp fun a little longer, you can buy a VIP pass for $39, which will give you the classes for 12 months. This price only lasts until July 2nd though, so be sure to buy it soon if you know you want one! Register for the summit here. If you do want a VIP pass, you can also purchase it here (I do make a small commission at no extra cost to you if you use that link). The summit starts on July 12, so be sure to sign up now, so you don't miss anything!


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