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Pattern Review: Rebecca Page Culottes

Okay, so I have a confession. I love summer. LOVE. Winter is my least favorite season, because it is cold, and I like to be warm. I admit, I live in a northern climate, where people start complaining if it gets above 80 degrees, so my idea of "summer" is very different from those of you that live where it regularly gets over 100, but still. Summer is my very favorite.

But one thing I hate about summer is the fact that clothing manufacturers seem to think that people only want to wear shorts with short-short inseams. Not me. No. I only like shorts with 9-inch inseams or longer.


Rebecca Page Patterns just came out with a culottes pattern. There's two lengths, a shorts length and a capris length. I was going to make the capris, because the shorts' inseam is 3.5 inches (no thank you!), but I didn't have enough of the fabric I wanted to use.

Well, I thought, I'll just make the shorts, I can always just use them as pajama shorts.

You guys. I love this pattern. I love these shorts, even though the inseam is approximate six inches shorter than preferred.

It is also a ridiculously easy sew. Three pattern pieces, five total pieces of fabric, and sew them all together super fast. If you want to get all fancy (or, you know, if your fabric doesn't have great recovery. Whichever), you can add elastic to the waistband. That is probably the most complicated part of the whole pattern.

(Full disclosure: I used a cotton lycra for the waistband specifically so I did not have to add elastic).

Oh, and POCKETS. Of course there is a pocket option. I did not add any to this pair, because I thought I would be using them for pajamas, and this is a decision I truly, truly regret. Don't be me. Add pockets.

Best part, they look like a cute little skirt! But they are not, they are shorts! And they are so, so comfy. I want to make a million pairs for summer. Even though summer around here is maybe two months long.

My photographer (aka, husband) is trying to get all fancy with camera angles.

Anyway. I love these. I love this pattern. I love how comfy they are, and how cute they are, and how easy they are to make. If you have never sewn pants before, this is an excellent, excellent pattern to start. Detailed instructions, as always from Rebecca Page, and as I mentioned previously, really simple.

This pattern is available in kids and ladies sizing. There is a bundle available here. Kids' pattern only is available here, and the ladies' pattern is here (I do make a small commission if you use any of those links, at no extra cost to you). I highly, highly recommend you do. I'm going to make the capris version next, maybe, if I have time after making my one million shorts.

Do you have this pattern? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!



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