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Pattern Review: Rebecca Page Pollinator Pillows

Rebecca Page has just released a new pattern, and it is SO CUTE.

Actually, it is a set of THREE patterns, and this is just one of them, the butterfly. There's also a bumble bee and a bird. Together, they are the pollinator pillows!

Also, don't you just love the alliteration?

The butterfly is really quick and easy, and so cute. The worst part is making the pom pom on top of the antenna (and honestly, mine was promptly destroyed once the kids took possession). I would probably leave it off next time.

I did also make the bumble bee, but never got pictures, because the second I snipped the last thread, my youngest kid commandeered it. My take away from that is that they make great presents for small kids! It was also a very quick and easy make, and turned out really cute.

The bird...I did attempt to make the bird. It is quite a bit trickier than the other two, involving some precise matching of notches and significant easing. It's cute, but I decided it wasn't that cute, so I never finished it. My kids also saw pictures and wanted to know why it wouldn't have wings that flapped like the bee and butterfly, so to me, it wasn't worth it. However, it also the one that is most pillow like, the other two are more like simple stuffed animals. If you end up making the bird and have any good tricks for the easing, I'd love to hear them!

To get the butterfly pillow, you can click here. The bee pillow is available here. The bird is here. There's a bundle for all three here. I do make a small commission at no extra cost to you if you click any of those links.

I hope you have as much fun making them as I did (well, except the bird. I hope you have more fun making the bird)!



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