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Pattern Review: Rebecca Page Stevie Skirt

You've got to love a good skirt that still lets you run and play. At least, you do if you are a four year old who loves nothing more than running around like a maniac, but also loves maxi skirts that go all the way to her feet.

(You can't buy those in the store, at least not around me. Skirts are knee length for girls her age, the end)

The Rebecca Page Stevie Skirt sure fits that bill. It is perfect for running and playing in, and seriously the quickest sew ever. It has a grand total of two pattern pieces, with three whole pieces to cut out. Four if you decide to put some elastic in the waistband. Which I did, because the fabric I used has terrible recovery, but she insisted on the hearts.

It was worth it. She feels like a million bucks in this skirt.

The best part of this skirt is that it actually comes in four different lengths, so if you have a kid in your life who prefers a shorter skirt, it's easy to arrange. There's an above knee option, a knee length option, and midi. And, of course, the maxi.

Honestly, I think the hardest part was sizing the length to her. With the shorter skirts, if I get it too long, she can still wear it until I can hem it up a bit (or until she grows, which I swear this kid is putting on an inch a month). But with the maxi, there's no running and playing until it's the right length.

Still totally worth it.

If I have one complaint about this pattern, it's that there's no pocket option. I love me some pockets in skirts, and so does this girl. But that's okay, it is more than made up for by the fact that she had a new skirt just the way she likes it less than two hours after picking up the fabric. It is seriously such a great and simple pattern.

Oh, and it comes in adult sizes too! So, if you also love a good maxi skirt (or above knee, or knee length, or midi length) that you can run and play in, I highly recommend this skirt pattern.

You can pick up the kids' version here, the adult version , or a bundle here. There's even a dolls' version, which is available here. I do make a small commission at no extra cost to you if you use any of those links.

Have you made the Stevie Skirt? Did you have as much fun in it as my daughter? Let me know in the comments!


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