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Pattern Review: Rebecca Page Table Tent

Have you all seen the new Rebecca Page Table Tent pattern? It's so cute. It come with all these extra pieces to make windows, and doors, and flowers and a table and chairs, and all sorts of fun accessories!

When I first saw it, I thought it would be really cute, and my kids would love it. However, I sort of forgot that my kids don't really like to just play house.

But. My kids are obsessed with dragons.

So I turned the table tent into a dragon lair.

I took the base table tent and just added my own appliques. I also split the front into two pieces instead of one big piece and added a door (because if a dragon lair had a door, people would find it, obviously).

The kids particularly love baby dragons, so the whole back wall is full of babies. I had some fabric with dragons that I cut out and sewed together to make baby dragons that come out of their eggs. They are attached to the eggs with ribbons, because I did not want to find baby dragons all over the house.

And of course, there's a portrait wall, because what dragon lair doesn't have a portrait wall? The dragon and unicorn pictures are all cut out from shirts that are either too small for my kids, or too full of holes to wear.

I left the sides open (because dragons need many exits from their lairs). My table is definitely not the same measurements as the one used in the pattern, but the pattern includes calculations for how to make it sized to your table. It is very easy to follow and worked perfectly.

This pattern is really time consuming and, depending on the size of your table, uses A LOT of fabric. I ended up piecing several of the sides together with a mish mash of fabric, because I just didn't have enough fabric. I can't speak to the extra pieces included in the pattern, because I didn't make any of them, but even just putting the whole tent together took a good chunk of time. Adding my own appliques, naturally, adding even more time.

That said, my kids are OBSESSED. Summer break has started here, and this tent has provided many hours of peacefully playing together. I was pretty over the whole thing by the time I was done, but I am really proud of how it turned out, and my kids love it. Just be prepared to take a lot of time with it if you do decide to make it. The extras are great way to use up scraps, but the tent itself does need a lot of fabric (although my table is six person dining room table, smaller tables will obviously need less fabric).

If you want to get your own copy of the pattern, it is available here. There are also a couple of bundles that include the table tent, the Ultimate Play Tent Bundle (which includes the Quiet Book, another pattern I've made and highly recommend. It also includes the Car Mat, which I have not made) and Play Together Bundle (which includes the Felt Dolls and Play Food, I've not made either one of those patterns). I do make a small commission if you use any of the above links, at no extra cost to you.

Did you make this pattern? What did you think?


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