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Rebecca Page Pencil Case

Have you ever started cutting out a project and just looked at all the pattern pieces and thought, this is going to be so beautiful?

Yes. I totally had that thought with this project.

Mostly because I love sparkly things, and this fabric sparkles.

And because this pencil case is so fun! Look at everything it holds!

Yes. That is a book of magical animal stickers in there. And I love it.

The pattern is really fun. I will warn you, the pocket holding my sticker book and the zippered pocket are not lined, and that sort of annoys me. I like to look at pretty fabrics, not interfacing. Also, I accidentally put the fabric on the Velcro tab upside down and that really annoys me. Oh well. As my mother occasionally likes to remind me, if there's no mistakes, how will you know it's made with love?

A bold print on the outside really makes it fun. I wish the sparkly aspects of this showed up better on the screen, it is so pretty y'all. The clouds sparkle, and all the gold sparkles.

Contented sigh.

And then my six year old saw it.

And most mysteriously, everything I put into it was removed, and all of her stuff went in. And now it lives in her bedroom.

Well. It was fun while it lasted.

And on the bright side, I have more of that fabric, so I can make it again. And this time I can line both the pockets, so I can look at pretty fabric.

If you would like to make your own (and it is a quick, fun and easy pattern!) you can grab it here. Enjoy!

(That is an affiliate link. If you use that link to purchase it, I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you)


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