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Rebecca Page Sewing Summit

Guess what? Rebecca Page is doing another sewing summit, and I am thrilled to announce that I will be teaching not one, but TWO classes for it! Both classes are about hacking bag patterns to add pockets. As always, this summit is completely free, but classes will only be available for 24 hours. Classes will run from January 31st to February 4th.

One class will be all about adding open top pockets. I'll be teaching you how to create two types of pockets. The first is a slip pocket, which you can make with multiple channels to keep everything organized in your bag. Or not! I will definitely be talking about ways to make this work for you. The other pocket is a side pocket. I LOVE this pocket for holding water bottles, mostly, but it's also great for sunglasses, or sunscreen, and basically it's my favorite pocket ever to add to beach bags.

The other class is all about zipper pockets! I'll be teaching you how to add three different pockets. The first is a full zip pocket, the type that goes all the way across one panel of a bag (pictured). I will also be showing you how to add a zippered welt pocket, and my personal favorite, a center dividing zip pocket. I will, of course, be showing you how to install a zipper and make zipper tabs, and talking about a few different ways to modify the pockets to make them work for you.

Now, with all of these awesome pockets, you need a bag pattern to practice them on, right? So, I am SUPER excited to announce that I making my newest (and first!) pattern available completely FREE! Some of these pockets are best with patterns that use gussets, instead of box corners, so this pattern uses gussets. It is a very basic bag pattern, with no extra pockets or anything (because the whole point is for you to practice adding your own!). If you would like to grab the pattern, it is available right here.

To sign up for the summit, you can click here. Remember it is completely free to sign up, but it will give you the option to upgrade to VIP (which will give you access to the classes for much longer, plus some other bonus). I will make a small commission at no extra cost to if you do upgrade with that link. Be sure to sign up before January 31st so you have free access to all the classes!

I am so excited! Hope you are able to join us!


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