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Rebecca Page Trifold Wallet

I love wallets.

So when Rebecca Page patterns released a trifold wallet, I had to try it.

And I think it turned out pretty cute!

There's definitely things I would change (I mean, isn't the whole point of sewing? Adjusting the pattern to fit your needs?). For one thing, the final topstitching is a real challenge, because all the layers of fabric are super thick.

There's also no fastening to keep it closed. I would probably add some Velcro, or maybe a snap.

It does stay closed okay on its own. I just like to make sure.

Also, can you see how wobbly the topstitching is? Yeah, that's what I mean about the thickness. I used a walking foot, and I was able to get through it okay, but it's REALLY thick. Maybe don't use quite as much interfacing as recommended, at least not if you are using a thicker fabric. I used quilting cotton.

There's also an optional bill divider, which I put it. I love having the bill divider, but it certainly adds to the thickness, so keep that in mind if you add the bill divider.

Overall though, it's a fun pattern, and it lends itself to some fun hacks (which I'll be writing about in another post). I also REALLY like being able to make a wallet to match my every mood.

If you would like to make your very own trifold wallet, you can click here to pick up the pattern. There's also a bifold wallet option, and you can click here to grab that one, or click here for a bundle! (I do make a small commission at no extra cost to you if you click one of those links).

Did you make a wallet? What did you think of the pattern? Let me know in the comments!


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