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Vinyl organization

I've written a bit about organizing fabric, but not so much about how I organize my cutting vinyl.

There's...a reason for that.

So I took it upon myself this weekend to get my vinyl organized. I wanted to organize it in such a way that I could actually see what I have, just at a glance, without having to dig through the mess pictured above.

I started with this little dish rack from my local Dollar Tree. It will only hold four rolls of vinyl, but on the other hand, it only costs one dollar, so even if I buy 30 of them, it's probably still cheaper than other organizing options.

Then I grabbed an inexpensive skein of lovely bright rainbow yarn I keep around for various projects such as this.

I wrapped the yarn about three times around one end of the dish rack and tied a knot. I cut off the extra strands after I took the picture.

Then I had a bit of conundrum. I didn't really want to let the dish rack lay flush against the wall...too easy for rolls of vinyl to roll right out. I wanted to put SOMETHING on the other end to push the bottom away from the way just a little bit, but also something that wouldn't be too different of a color from the wall.

Enter an Expressions Vinyl shipping box (side note, I really love Expressions Vinyl, they ship super fast, I've never had an order wrong, they have practically all the vinyl I could ever want and pretty reasonable prices. I am not an affiliate, so I won't get any money if you buy from them, but you should buy from them anyway, because they are awesome. Also, their shipping boxes are white, which is just the color I need to almost match my white wall). I cut off the long flap, and then trimmed a a little strip from the top, and cut it to match the length of the bottom of the dish rack.

I used regular tape to attach it, which was seemed to be not very effective, but so far all the cardboard strips have stayed on, so, effective enough.

Then it went up on the wall! I just used a pushpin, because I am super fancy. And that cardboard piece looks really obvious in this picture, but as you can see...

It's not even visible when I add the vinyl.

It is, however, not really enough to push the bottom away from the wall to keep the vinyl from rolling out. I would probably add a couple of more pieces of cardboard, just to push it out a little more. They don't really roll out on their own, but if they get bumped in just the wrong way, out they come.

Regardless, I repeated this a few more times, and then put them all together.

And, I really love it! I can see what I have at a glance and grab what I want without too much digging. It's not quite done yet (I need more dish racks), but it is a great start, and I am so pleased with it.

How do you organize your vinyl? Let me know in the comments below!


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